Exploring virtual production’s endless possibilities

While conventional physical productions remain hampered by Covid-19 related restrictions, a group of companies is looking into how to get the most out of LED stages and real-time engines

Virtual stages are inherently safer, more flexible and more efficient places to create new film content while virus-related restrictions are in place. Using just a single rig in a relatively small space, filmmakers to create multiple environment, including vast sets, each with adjustable lighting and animated effects

DNEG Co-Founder and Creative Director Paul Franklin is working on a research project with Dimension Studio, Unreal Engine, ARRI, Mo-Sys, 80six, ROE, Brompton Technologies and Malcolm Ryan to see how far the technology can be taken and developed.

Above is a behind the scenes look at a test shoot and commentary from Paul and the team at Dimension plus other collaborators, and below is the finished result, Gunslinger.