How It REALLY Feels to Use a Quest Pro for Work

If you are interested in dabbling with the use of VR in the workplace, take a look at this video from CNET where Justin Eastzer puts Meta’s Quest Pro headset through its paces as a tool to enhance collaboration and interactivity in the office using avatars and the metaverse.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:11 Setting Up Workroom Station
  • 01:35 Using Multiple Virtual Monitors
  • 02:53 Virtual Keyboards
  • 03:47 Passthrough and Draw Tools
  • 04:10 Workroom Environments
  • 05:16 Extended Sessions with the Quest Pro
  • 05:32 Some Glitches
  • 07:39 Workroom Avatar
  • 07:49 Horizon Workroom Meeting
  • 09:29 Workroom Features
  • 09:57 Whiteboard
  • 10:43 Facial Expressions with Quest Pro
  • 11:09 Offline Avatars
  • 11:15 The Future of Collaborative Meetings?

Let us know what you think, whether you have tried this yourselves or have a potential application and would like to explore further and need advice, guidance and support –

Source: CNET’s YouTube channel

Main image: CNET (Scott Stein)