Rediscovering the fun of screen-based advertising, in real-time

The incorporation of real-time 3D into linear live action productions is the kind of gift that the ad industry would normally accept from Hollywood as quickly as you can say “design brief.

So far, though, with some notable exceptions like the EE Made For Gamers spot below, it doesn’t feel like that has really been the case. Is 2024 the year that more Creative minds start to really appreciate its power?

EE Made For Gamers from Collective on Vimeo.

“At one point we joined a live session to review a version of the floating island. It looked absolutely fantastic, but the colour palette was too close to some of the other executions and had to change drastically. This is obviously a ton of work when you have just built an entire world. I tried my best to deliver the feedback as delicately as possible. Still, before I could finish my sentence, they changed some parameters on the time of day and position of the sun, and it was done immediately. Working in Unreal is not so much 3D design as it is being a God in a world of your own making.”

Björn Conradi, creative director, Digitas, of EE: Made For Gamers

With game engines, virtual production stages, performance capture and generative AI, so much can be achieved in such relatively little time and space, with the emphasis on creativity, talent and, above all, imagination. And what’s more, you can watch a lot of the results being produced right in front of your eyes, not in a few months or weeks.

Live compositing of cast members performing on different stages, in different cities, maybe even in the right circumstances different countries, into a single scene. This is achievable now and the entire thing can also be watched on screen, on set, in-real time.

3D real-time is bringing the fun back into the Creative’s role, where you can work at the speed of thought, rather than being beholden to production timelines. Imagine you had the tools (and the time) to brainstorm ideas with people around the world as imaginative and positive as you are. It’s the dream job you’d forgotten you had.

Stephen Barnes (above), founding partner,, Collective

At Mondatum, our technical and creative leads have many decades of experience in production, post production and visual effects. Our team has also produced a varied array of content using real-time technologies and techniques.

You will no doubt encounter unexpected, sometimes complex problems during your projects. We have a deep understanding of the underlying technologies and technical disciplines that make what’s covered in this post possible.

If you are looking for advice, guidance or production support for your next project or would like to take perhaps your first steps into this new field of creativity, we are here to help.

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Source: LBB Online