Ofcom remains on BT’s case over Openreach split

In 2017 Ofcom gave BT a hefty nudge in the direction of splitting itself off from Openreach to create a fairer UK broadband and wholesale network landscape, and in 2018 BT confirmed that the deed had been done. This week the regulator has published it latest monitoring report.

According to the report, overall, good progress has been made. BT has continued with its ambitions to build a full fibre network and Openreach is building out its network at speed and generally engaging well with wholesale customers. Duct and pole access could be better, it notes, and further, committed and, most importantly, sustainable progress needs to be made.

“We’re encouraged that Ofcom recognise the progress Openreach is making as a business and, in particular, how our amazing engineers have responded to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Openreach exists to promote choice and competition in the UK’s broadband market, and we’re continuing to focus on building a better, broader and faster network for our customers all over the country. There’s a big job to do, and no room for complacency, so we’ll be working closely with our customers, Ofcom, the wider industry and all of our stakeholders to keep the UK connected.”

Mark Shurmer, Managing Director of Regulatory Affairs, Openreach

Source: Advanced Television