Academy Awards secure new screening platform

Broadcast reports that Brightcove, Nagra (with its NexGuard forensic watermarking system), Akamai and BuyDRM (with its KeyOS multiKey service) are teaming up to offer Academy Awards judges a safe, pirate-unfriendly method watching the films they have been tasked with judging.

The system will not only allow the Academy to audit the voting process and content, it will enable them to track down stolen content and distribution channels.

“Forensic watermarking is a significant breakthrough for the Academy, as well as for the entire film industry because it demonstrates how video technologies have evolved to include critical security functionalities that protect against piracy. As a result of our work with Brightcove, Nagra, Akamai, and BuyDRM, the Academy can continue to deliver content to our members, while strengthening security measures to maintain confidentiality, and protect artists and intellectual property.”

Bev Kite, CIO, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Once Brightcove has transcoded a film and it has been secured using a specific mode of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption it is sent to the viewer across the Internet where it is played back using the Brightcove Player on a device that acquires a DRM license key from the BuyDRM MultiKey Service.

Content can be further stored on and delivered from the Akamai Intelligent Edge platform, which processes and applies the Academy’s forensic watermarking pattern to each individual end-user.