OpenUSD wins 2024 Scientific & Technical Academy Award

For its contribution to shaping today’s filmmaking industry, Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) has been honoured by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a prestigious Academy Scientific and Engineering Award. OpenUSD’s developers are F. Sebastian Grassia, Alex Mohr, Sunya Boonyatera, Brett Levin, and Jeremy Cowles.

The Academy Awards for Scientific and Technical Achievements “highlight technical contributions that have significantly and enduringly affected the way movies are made and the brilliant inventors behind them”.

For the uninitiated, OpenUSD is an open source scene description framework and the de facto standard for 3D scene interchange, streamlining the entire production workflow. It features an innovative layering system and efficient crate file format.

Other winners of 2024 Scientific and Technical awards
  • OpenVDB — created by Ken Museth, Peter Cucka, and Mihai Aldén
  • the Alembic Caching and Interchange system – developed by Lucas Miller, Christopher Jon Horvath, Steve LaVietes, and Joe Ardent
  • the IMAX Prismless Laser Projector

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Source: AOUSD

Main image ℅ NVIDIA