Video-driven animation transfer comes to facial motion capture

Writing on Linkedin, co-founder Christopher Travers draws our attention to the facial capture work being done by VFX company Digital Domain in 2022. DD’s new demo video on YouTube below shows how a real-time facial capture using a webcam can be mapped onto an avatar to personalise the UX of the game you are playing, and the results look very promising.

“We present a hybrid facial capture pipeline that combines a regression-based, video-driven transfer technique, under partially controlled conditions, with a more robust, but slower, marker-based tracking approach. We thus achieve an overall pipeline that, without loss of quality, is faster and has less user intervention.”

Digital Domain

Because of the interest in real-time facial motion capture and performance capture, this type of tool will migrate from the games world to the professional market really quickly and soon become more commonplace, as we welcome what might be known as The Avatar Economy.

If you would like to find out more about real-time facial animation and performance capture, specialist technology practice Mondatum offers advice and guidance on how to get started.