3D artists express unhappiness over Autodesk’s new generative AI tool

With Autodesk‘s announcement of its new experimental generative AI model, Research Project Bernini, which generates functional 3D objects from various inputs, including text, 2D images and voxels, some 3D animators feel that a trusted supplier has insulted the industry and trampled all over their loyalty.

“Wait you know what your customers do for a living, right?”

“A completely a trash tool and decision, an insult to Maya users, and I can do It faster on Blender,”

“AI: the fastest way to lose client loyalty, their faith in your product and future clients altogether, congrats!”

Some of the comments posted by the Autodesk user community
Others questioned the tool’s usefulness.

“No one needs help making a damn vase. That takes like half a minute to make using ordinary tools. And if made procedurally it would be waaaay more useful”

“The magic retopology that happens in a flash in the video to make that voxel crap usable would be interesting tho'”

Elsewhere, people are asking where Autodesk sourced its training data and whether it was licensed.

Source: Creative Blog