Project Anywhere adds geospatial awareness to Unreal Engine

For the virtual v/IITSEC event (30 November – 4 December), Cesium, Epic Games, Microsoft and NVIDIA are collaborating on a proof-of-concept demo they call Project Anywhere. The exercise involves adding geospatial awareness to games engines using real-world 3D location data captured by satellites and drones. The end result is aimed at adding unprecedented levels of accuracy, interactivity, and visual quality for simulations, training systems and virtual production environments.

“Instead of just talking about trends and buzzwords, we created Project Anywhere with Cesium, Microsoft, and Nvidia to demonstrate readiness and the convergence between these platforms in a tangible way. Project Anywhere is an illustration of simulation at the point of need—a synthetic environment implementation example to spark new ideas.”

Sébastien Lozé, Simulations Industry Manager at Epic Games

Celsium’s geospatial technology, global 3D terrain and data streaming are layered onto high resolution virtual globe as 3D Tiles to Unreal Engine, with the whole demo running on Microsoft Azure with NVIDIA GPUs.