ILM investing in more virtual sets

Industrial Light & Magic is expanding its virtual production and StageCraft LED volume capabilities and training more people in this new and fast-growing area of creativity. ILM’s Manhattan Beach Studios installation is getting another permanent system, the company’s second. Pinewood will get the third and Fox Studios in Australia the fourth. These will be supplemented by by custom “pop up” systems that can be deployed where they are needed.

“With StageCraft, we have built an end-to-end virtual production service for key creatives. Directors, production designers, cinematographers, producers and visual effects supervisors can creatively collaborate, each bringing their collective expertise to the virtual aspects of production just as they do with traditional production.”

Janet Lewin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Industrial Light & Magic

The new stages are now larger, with more and higher-resolution LED panels and smooth wall to ceiling transitions, resulting in more even lighting and thee ability to complete more shots in-camera. Higher colour fidelity, greater scene complexity and more control results in less time spent in post-production and fewer VFX.