How to hack a virtual studio with three TVs

The slogan on Epic Light Media‘s Linkedin page says it all – “We don’t subscribe to the norms. We don’t subscribe to boring. We make films people love to watch, simple as that”.

Their new “mixed-reality” studio is a home-brewed, hacked delight designed specifically for corporate interviews that need to appear to be conducted in a real-world environment like a hive-style, high-rise office with a large window in the background.

They use Unreal Engine 5 for real-time rendering. The TVs they use are bog standard, so to compensate for a probable lack of colour accuracy they use DaVinci Resolve to tweak the images so everything looks right in camera.

If this has inspired you to do something similar, contact the team at Mondatum for advice, guidance and support on how to get into virtual production and real-time, in-camera visual effects on a budget – our Contact Us page.

Source: fstoppers