First image from Tim Webber’s FUSE film ‘Flite’

Flite is a new film made entirely in Unreal Engine by Framestore chief creative officer Tim Webber. It is part of the FUSE (Framestore Unreal Shot Engine) project and co-production involving the VFX company and Inflammable Films. The film is “set in a semi-submerged London in 2053, and explores the nascent and underground practice of memory visualisation”.

“I had been exploring the idea of a Memory Investigator for a while and separately had a strong  visual of a girl on a hoverboard teetering on a window of a glossy, luxury highrise, deciding whether to breakaway. I realised we could bring these strands together and tell the story of Stevie, a young, champion hoverboarder desperate to flee an oppressive manager, through the memory of a stranger anxious to help her.

Over the course of five days Alba, Gethin and Daniel delivered stunning performances in highly experimental conditions as we chose this as an opportunity to test a new filmmaking technique and VFX pipeline, with Unreal Engine at its heart; from the initial planning and previsualisation through to final pixel.”

Tim Webber

Source: Broadcast