European Commission orders CO2 impact calculator for content production

With thanks to Mick Broderick of FNL Media Solutions for sharing this announcement on Linkedin …

The European Commission is paying for a calculator to be developed that assesses the CO2 impact (emissions, carbon footprint) of the audio visual content creation industry on the environment using a standard methodology.

The consortium leading the project comprises Seriotec (who now appear to go by the name Yamdu), the lead, a German cloud-based application specialist, KlimAktiv, carbon footprint calculation specialists, and green film expert Philip Gassmann.

The four year project will run from January 2024 until December 2027, with an estimated budget of €650.000 from the MEDIA strand of Creative Europe programme.

Expected outcomes from the project

A free-to-use common calculation methodology and a user-friendly web application that all relevant members of a production team across the EU 27 Member States will be able to use to calculate the carbon footprint of their projects. This will complement existing and emerging calculators through a common API and data exchange.

The tool will be aligned with the European Commission’s Recommendation on the use of Environmental Footprint methods adopted by the Commission in December 2021.

Key benefits of the calculator

  • Data exchange and comparability: Facilitates seamless data exchange and comparability across Member States and between existing calculators by identifying minimum common parameters and carbon emissions factors.
  • Easy adoption: Designed for both beginners and advanced users, ensuring easy uptake for those new to carbon footprint measurement while remaining compatible with existing calculators for experienced users.
  • User-centric approach: The tool provides a user-friendly interface to calculate, monitor, and ultimately reduce the carbon footprint of AV productions.
  • Informing policy decisions: Offers tangible information to improve policymaking at the European level, contributing to the ongoing greening efforts within the audiovisual sector.

Source: European Commission

Main image ℅ EBU