Runway’s Gen-2 text-to-video tool generates content from scratch

Hot on the heels of a new version Midjourney and the launch of GPT-4, Runway, whose web-based video editor specialises in background removal and pose detection and who helped to develop open-source text-to-image model Stable Diffusion, has trailed the imminent arrival of Gen-2, a new version of its text-to-video tool.

Gen-1 allows users to amend existing video footage by overlaying rough AI-generated 3D animations or shaky smartphone clips as overlays. Get-2 is going to be more about generating new videos from scratch. Early results are short, unstable and in no way photorealistic.

Text-to-video research from Meta and Google is more advanced that Runway’s, with longer, more cohesive clips, but then again they have considerably larger resources at their disposal – Runway’s team numbers 45.

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Source: The Verge