Midjourney v5 is not clowning around with image enhancement

Version 5 of the Midjurney AI image generator has arrived with some new enhancements, including recreating intricate details and textures, such as realistic skin texture, facial features and lighting as well as sorting out the problems it had dealing with human hands.

However, as in this image created by Nick St. Pierre and shared on Twitter, there are still strange AI artifacts such as floating hands and out-of-proportion faces. In the image below he shows the results of giving the same prompt to the latest and previous versions.

Midjourney v4
Midjourney v5

According to Midjourney founder David Holz, the latest version has a “much wider stylistic range [and is] more responsive to prompting. It’s much more ‘unopinionated’ than v3 and v4. “And is tuned to provide a wide diversity of outputs and to be very responsive to your inputs“. “Short prompts may not work as well” and “you should try to write longer, more explicit text about what you want”.

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Source: PetaPixel