NVIDIA’s Selene supercomputer takes a bow

When the 55th. Top500 supercomputer rankings were published, in at number 7 with a bullet was newcomer Selene, which is owned by NVIIDIA and uses AMD’s Rome EPYC 7742 processors (64 cores, clocked at 2.25GHz) and NVIDIA’s own latest A100 accelerators.

NVIDIA A100 accelerator

Selene is now a part of the world’s fastest AI supercomputer, Saturn V, clocking in at nearly five Exaflops

“NVIDIA is a data center scale computing company and we use our own DGX SuperPOD based supercomputer to advance the field of AI, create new products and to provide a reference to our customers who want to build modern AI datacenters.

“The world’s most accurate AI for reading comprehension called Megatron-BERT was created on our supercomputer and it also powers the development of our platforms for conversational AI, autonomous driving, AI in gaming, healthcare, smart cities and robotics”.

Paresh Kharya, director of product management, accelerated computing, NVIDIA

Selene uses 277,760 cores and 500 Terabytes of RAM to achieve 27.58 petaflops and the system is networked using NVIDIA’s Mellanox HDR Infiniband technology.

Here’s the Top500 Top 10 list of fastest supercomputers as it currently stands:

  1. Supercomputer Fugaku – (Fujitsu, Japan) – 7,299,072 cores, Rmax 415,530 TFlops), Rpeak 513,854.7 TFlops) 28,335 kilowatts
  2. Summit (IBM, USA) – 2,414,592 cores, Rmax 148,600.0 TFlops), Rpeak 200,794.9 TFlops) 10,096 kilowatts
  3. Sierra (IBM, USA) – 2,414,592 cores, Rmax 94,640.0 TFlops), Rpeak 125,712.0 TFlops) 7,438 kilowatts
  4. Sunway TaihuLight (Sunway, China) – 10,649,600 cores, Rmax 93,014.6 TFlops), Rpeak 125,435.9 TFlops) 15,371 kilowatts
  5. Tianhe-2A (China) – 4,981,760 cores, Rmax 61,444.5 TFlops), Rpeak 100,678.7 TFlops) 18,482 kilowatts
  6. HPC5 (DellEMC, USA) – 669,760 cores, Rmax 35,450 TFlops), Rpeak 51,720.8 TFlops) 2,252 kilowatts
  7. Selene (NVIDIA, USA) – 272,800 cores, Rmax 27,580 TFlops), Rpeak 34,568.6 TFlops) 1,344 kilowatts
  8. Frontera (DellEMC, USA) – 448,448 cores, Rmax 23,516.4 TFlops), Rpeak 38,745.9 TFlops)
  9. Marconi-100 (IBM, Italy) – 347,776 cores, Rmax 21,640 TFlops), Rpeak 29,354 TFlops) 1,476 kilowatts
  10. Piz Daint (HPE, Switzerland) – 387,872 cores, Rmax 21,230 TFlops), Rpeak 27,154 TFlops) 2,384 kilowatts