Opening ICVFX up to indies using rear projection

This 36-second ICVFX virtual production test conducted at Drexel University and led by Catalyst’s Ian Fursa and Steve Chandler and Drexel’s own Nick Jushchyshyn with the support of Colorspace Labs and Lightbulb Rentals and using VP Toolkit shows how rear-projection can replace an expensive LED stage and still produce industry-standard level results for those shooting on an indie budget.

The first of two concept films, WAR, was used to test the rear projection system’s ability to appear properly exposed to camera in a daylight high contrast environment and demonstrate a solution that can seamlessly focus between real-world talent and a helicopter within a virtual environment.

In the second concept, DANCER, they drove a sci-fi virtual set-piece using Unreal Engine blueprints and a Vicon tracking system. The ead talent’s hand movements controlled the rotation speed, distance, brightness, and material properties of the virtual asset allowing the filmmakers to create a world where the dancer could control his environment in real-time through dance.

For more information about the project, watch this behind-the-scenes video and visit the Catalyst website.