Framestore’s Tim Webber ignites his directing career

Framestore’s Chief Creative Officer and Oscar-winning VFX supervisor Tim Webber is making his directorial debut with a short to test the company’s new FUSE (Framestore Unreal Shot engine) VFX pipeline. The project is sci-fi-based and uses existing Framestore IP, but doesn’t appear to represent a shift into full-time filmmaking for either him or the company.

“I’ve always wanted to direct. The initial point of this [short] is to prove out the technology but it’s certainly something I’ve been wanting  to do, have a chance to develop this story.

It’s going to be predominantly CG generated, but it’s going to be somewhere between CG animation and a live action movie.

And we will at times be using LED panels, not in the way The Mandalorian used them, actually more like the way I used them on Gravity, where we would use LED panels to light an actor’s face, for close ups.”

Tim Webber, Chief Creative Officer, Framestore

FUSE is being developed to allow large numbers of artists to work simultaneously within Epic Games’ real-time game engine and combines previs, virtual production, asset management and review and approvals as well as VFX shot production and offers the option of remote working.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Image credit: Kings College London