Tripod X also controls the Y

Tripod X is a new motorised, auto self-levelling tripod from Edelkrone that offers “a level of comfort and speed that you have never experienced with any other tripod. It can effortlessly raise and lower even the heaviest setup loads including all of edelkrone motion control systems”.

Its promo video makes it look very cool, so we had to share.

It’s self-levelling

You can deploy Tripod X on uneven ground. With one touch, it levels itself, providing an exceptional ease of use.

The smart sensors embedded within Tripod X constantly monitor and adapt, ensuring that your setup remains perfectly level without requiring your intervention.

It can handle motion time-lapse shots with ease

You can effortlessly create smooth transitions between 2 different poses and get dynamic motion time-lapses. Connect your camera to the trigger port on Tripod X using a shutter trigger cable (sold separately), and you’re ready to capture.

You can achieve very unique motion paths that can not be achieved with any other motion control device.

For more information, visit the Tripod X page on the Edelkrone website.

Main image ℅ fotocult