For mobile virtual production, step inside the Magicbox

Earlier in August, in Pasadena, CA, collaborators Brian T. Nowac and Sam Nicholson launched Brian’s prototype Magicbox “mobile virtual Superstudio” at Sam’s Stargate Studios.

Calling Magicbox a high-tech origami that unfolds in a parking lot, Sam says it is “the only virtual production system that I have worked with that can set up, shoot, and strike in a 12-hour day”. The mobile unit contains a 306 square foot, 1.3mm pixel pitch screen that supports up to 4K resolution.

Some of the key specifications provided on the launch website:

Gross Combined Weight

  • 18 tons


  • 40ft. x 8ft. x 14ft. Closed
  • 40ft. x 20ft. x 17 Open
  • 40ft. x 40ft. x 17ft. Open & Tented

Screen resolution

  • 1.3 pp Main Wall / 3840×2160 (4k)
  • 2.6 pp  Side Walls / 1800 x 800 
  • 3.8 pp  Ceiling / 800 x 800

Power supply and requirements

  • 400 amp 3 Phase 208V
  • Camlock

The second generation will be bigger, with more features and services onboard, and it is hoped it will make its debut in later2022, early 2023.