HPE MSA Gen. 6 gets you in the hybrid storage game

HPE has announced the sixth generation of its Modular Smart Array (MSA) entry-level hybrid-flash storage solution. Gen. 6 has been built using a modern architecture and offers a good balance of performance, automation and security. It also comes with data services and is ideally suited for use as part of a streaming video platform, where distributed applications and workloads and edge delivery are required.

Advancements to the HPE MSA Gen 6 Architecture 

  • Automatic tiering for faster data access
  • improved MSA Health Check tool eliminates common causes of downtime
  • Hands-free tiering – workload efficiency, improved performance, lower latencies. Features:
    • 2 – 4x performance compared to HDD-only configurations
    • on-board SSDs respond to changing workloads
    • moves the hottest data to the fastest media in real-time
    • maximises SSD performance and HDD capacity
    • integration with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup for:
      • cloud backup
      • data archival
  • Improved in-array data protection with MSA Data Protection Plus (MSA DP+)
    • pans all drives
    • eliminates idle HDD spares to improve efficiency
    • speeds rebuild times by 25x2 in the event of a disk failure
    • reduces the time an array is in a degraded or vulnerable state
  • Improved MSA Health Check tool:
    • cloud-based
    • proactive use eliminates common causes of downtime
    • reduces local administration overhead by searching sensor data for known issues
    • improves the user experience and maximises availability.
  • Integration with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup:
    • provides customers with a simple and inexpensive route to cloud-based data protection
    • saves money on a separate backup appliance
    • built-in enterprise cloud backup service without changing any existing backup workloads, using HPE Recover Manager Central
    • available through HPE GreenLake.


The HPE MSA Gen 6 is now available for order now.

Additional Resources

Further information on the HPE MSA Gen 6 can be found in this blog post and solution brief.