Poor patch management blamed for vast majority of ransomware vulnerabilities

The total number of vulnerabilities associated with ransomware attacks is now 278, according to a new report from Ivanti. Meanwhile the sophistication, ambition and number of active ransomware groups is increasing.

Five of the 12 most recently identified vulnerabilities are capable of remote code execution attacks and two are capable of exploiting web applications and being manipulated to launch denial-of-service attacks.. More than 90% of breaches are due to poor patch management, concludes the report.

“Ransomware groups continue to mature their tactics, expand their attack arsenals, and target unpatched vulnerabilities across enterprise attack surfaces.

It’s critical that organizations take a proactive, risk-based approach to patch management and leverage automation technologies to reduce the mean time to detect, discover, remediate, and respond to ransomware attacks and other cyber threats,”

Srinivas Mukkamala, Senior Vice President of Security Products, Ivanti

Source: techradar pro

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