NCSC tools and services protected the UK’s Covid-19 vaccine programme

Of the 20% of all UK hacks that were targeted at the healthcare industry, a large proportion were intended to disrupt the Covid-19 supply chain, which was seen as an easy target and something of a cash cow. The NCSC Says that it played a key role in minimising the potential damage by keeping constant surveillance on the fast-moving threat landscape at the time.

Elsewhere, the NCSC’s Protective Domain Name System service prevented staff in the healthcare sector from accessing malicious domains, accidentally or otherwise, and blocked 4.4 billion potentially harmful interactions.

Benefitting from the NCSC’s free-to-use suite of Active Cyber Defence (ACD) tools, organisations working within or for the NHS were able to intercept 2.3 million cyber campaigns including 442 NHS-branded phishing campaigns and 80 mobile apps. 

Source: ITPro