Even micro businesses are at risk from ransomware attacks

A report from GoDaddy concludes that small businesses are just as likely to bit hit by a ransomware as larger enterprises, perhaps because the vast majority of their websites have no adequate security measures in place. More than a third of the companies they surveyed have been hit in the last year. 24% suffered financial losses. 21% lost at least £1,000. Some websites were down for a week, in some cases longer. Associated costs topped £166 million.

15% of GoDaddy customers said they wouldn’t buy from an online store that had been hacked. 47% said they would think twice. 23% would alert family and friends to the website’s past ransomware problem.

GoDaddy’s UK & Ireland head Ben Law wants to encourage businesses of all sizes, especially those that can least afford to be hit, to put the right tools and solutions in place to protect themselves and their customers.

Source: techradar pro

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