Cybersecurity-as-a-Service firm lands $12m of funding in eight months

Cyvatar, based in Fareham, Hampshire and Orange County, California, is making ransomware protection accessible to all via a monthly subscription model. The company has received more than $12 million in funding in the eight months since it opened for business. In September 2020, it received $3 million from Bill Wood Ventures followed by a further $9 million in July 2021 from ATX Venture Partners.

“Previously, it was a really complex and expensive undertaking to protect any business from the constant threat of cyber-attacks, particularly ransomware. Becoming a member of Cyvatar means that companies of any size can consume cybersecurity products and services wrapped in cost-effective monthly subscriptions, that actually work to keep your company secure”

Craig Goodwin, Co-founder, Cyvatar (left in main picture, with business partner Corey White)

Source: The News