Universal Pixels box clever for in-car scenes on ‘Better’

Using a box lined with ROE LED screens driven by Disguise GX2c media servers, rental company and friends of Mondatum Universal Pixels helped the production team on BBC One crime drama Better to complete multiple internal car scenes during an intense three day shoot.

The ‘Better’ crew was pretty new to this type of in-camera visual effects (ICVFX) technology and so continuity was critical to ensuring this fast-moving project went smoothly. UniPix were given nine separate plates to work with. They used Disguise video mapping to re-stitch a precise 360-degree playback, also taking advantage of custom-made LUTs (lookup tables).

The in-built mapping processes gave the production team lots of flexibility when it came to previewing and shot selection and they declared themselves very pleased with both the workflow and the results.

If you would like look into using something similar to this or investigate the use of virtual production and ICVFX technology on other types of projects, we and UniPix would be happy to assist. For an initial chat, contact John Rowe ( or Colin Birch (

Source: TVB Europe