NVIDIA, Teradici partner for virtual workstation webinar

As businesses and employees, as well as the freelancers they work with, adjust to the so-called ‘new normal’, and remote working becomes more-or-less standard, spare a thought for those who need to wield some pretty meaty hardware in their spare bedrooms or garden offices. Operating powerful workstations with top-end GPUs comes with a maintenance overhead, and, unless you’re trained, keeping one of those machines up and running is a burden most digital content creators don’t relish. Really, they just want to be able to get on with their work while somebody else cleans up any messes that may occur. This is why also locating those workstations remotely, in conventional data centres or server rooms and connecting to them over fast broadband is as appealing as it is so eminently doable.

An upcoming live webinar hosted by NVIDIA and Teradici will introduce newcomers to the power and flexibility of the RTX Server for Quadro Virtual Workstations paired with Teradici’s Cloud Access compression software and PCoIP (PC over IP) multi-codec remote display protocol, with full end-to-end data encryption.


September 24, 2020


12:00PM EDT
9:00AM PDT


1 hour, including Q&A

Chance to win

All live webinar attendees will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win an NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000

What will you will learn on this webinar?

  • NVIDIA’s Quadro Virtual Workstation solution, including the RTX Server reference design and the Quadro RTX GPUs that power this flexible and scalable solution
  • NVIDIA RTX Server-powered Quadro Virtual Workstation markets, solutions, and use cases
  • How Teradici Cloud Access Software extends the capabilities of NVIDIA RTX Server-Powered Quadro Virtual Workstations
  • The advantages Teradici’s PCoIP-based solutions offers, including key features and benefits for enterprise, government, and institutional users
  • How PCoIP + NVEC (NVIDIA Encode) delivers tangible user benefits across industries
  • Server providers who offer systems compatible with NVIDIA RTX Server-powered Quadro Virtual Workstations and Teradici’s software

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