Jeffrey Katzenberg on animation’s AI future (video)

During a panel discussion at the recent Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore, former Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg told moderator Timothy L O’Brien that three years from now, thanks to AI (machine learning), completing a world-class animated film will require 90% less time and labour than when he was making them.

“I don’t know of an industry that will be more impacted than any aspect of media entertainment creation.

In the good old days, when I made an animated movie, it took 500 artists five years to make a world-class animated movie. I think it won’t take 10% of that. Literally, I don’t think it will take 10% of that three years from now.”

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Voicing opinions expressed by many, the technology will eventually be just another artist’s tool.

“We went from a pen to a paintbrush, a printing press, a still camera, a movie camera. These are things that expanded creativity and all sorts of storytelling in extraordinary ways… I think of AI as a creative tool… a new paintbrush or a new camera that has so much opportunity around it.”

Jeffrey Katzenberg

He also said that AI will advance the art form by enabling storytellers to approach projects in new and previously unimagined ways using prompting and generative AI tools.

Source: Cartoon Brew

Main image source: Bloomberg