DPP publishes Covid-19 survey results

A new DPP research paper, Will Covid-19 Change The Way We Work? has been published. From March to June, a hundred media companies of all types were surveyed on a weekly and monthly basis about how they are managing their operations during the pandemic.

Will Covid-19 Change The Way We Work? survey findings

  • Most companies were pre-adapted to working away from the office, and the smooth transition proved the case for flexible working, which will now endure 
  • But this smoothness concealed considerable mood swings
  • People like flexible working more than homeworking. Craving for social interaction and business engagements is driving the return to the office
  • There is nothing to suggest that remote working was, in itself, good for business
  • The next year looks bleak – with cost cutting, tighter budgets, dramatically less travel, and a reduction in office space
  • Content companies have been hit hard but can now see a way out. Technology companies have fared better but fear more for the future

“The story commonly told is that the media industry moved to remote working quickly and well; and this is true. But no-one has reported what happened next – until now,What we have uncovered is a rollercoaster of anxiety and uncertainty.”

Mark Harrison, MD, DPP

Source: TVB Europe