Camera geeks, prepare to be overwhelmed

The Sphere Studios Big Sky ultra-high resolution camera system is used to capture images displayed on the interior and exterior screens of the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas. The system features the largest cinema camera sensor in the world – 18K – “that is almost 7x larger and 40x higher resolution than the full-frame sensors found in high-end commercial cameras” and what it says is “the world’s sharpest cinematic lenses to capture detailed, large-format images”.

Big Sky’s sensor alongside a digital SLR’s

“Big Sky significantly advances cinematic camera technology, with each element representing a leap in design and manufacturing innovation. The sensor on any camera is critical to image quality, but given the size and resolution of Sphere’s display, Big Sky’s sensor had to go beyond any existing capability. ST, working closely with Sphere Studios, leveraged their extensive expertise to manufacture a groundbreaking sensor that not only expands the possibilities for immersive content at Sphere, but also across the entertainment industry.”

Deanan DaSilva, lead architect, Big Sky, Sphere Studios

The .92cm x 8.31cm (82.4 cm2) die is twice as large as a wallet-sized photograph, and only four full die fit on a 300mm wafer. The system is also capable of capturing images at 120 fps and transferring data at 60 gigabytes per second.

Source: TVB Europe