Brompton’s TrueLight and ROE’s Carbon 5 RGBW tango in Vegas

Brompton’s new TrueLight technology and ROE’s new Carbon 5 RGBW LED panel are being seen for the first time at NAB in Las Vegas this week, TrueLight, which is driven by the company’s new Tessera G1 receiver card, “enables full calibration of the pixels and control of the light spectrum emitted by an LED panel with a broader spectral output, by utilising extra emitters in addition to the standard RGB format”.

TrueLight uses Brompton’s Dynamic Calibration technology, performed by the company’s Hydra advanced measurement system. Carbon 5 RGBW is the first panel of its kind calibrated by Hydra to offer a fourth emitter providing a broad spectrum white. Hydra “provides complete spectrally-aware calibration for extra emitters to ensure colorimetric precision, full colour and luminance correction are applied on a per-pixel basis, delivering the image quality necessary for direct-view applications, including reflections. All possible RGBW spectral mixes are fully corrected, maintaining calibration accuracy at all times”.

Brompton Tessera G1 receiver card
TruelLight takes advantage of full range of Tessera software features
  • PureTone, for consistent linearity of both RGB and ‘W’ LED output,
  • ThermaCa,l for temperature correction of all LED colours
  • ShutterSync to eliminate on-camera artifacts for RGBW lighting and direct-view applications
  • Extended Bit Depth to significantly enhance the dynamic range of RGBW output, amongst others

“There has been increasing interest in broader spectral output from LED panels, and we were determined to meet this demand without compromising the existing levels of image quality and flexibility expected by Brompton users. The immense processing power available in the G1 receiver card means TrueLight can perform spectrally-aware full-colour per-pixel calibration of all four RGBW LED colours, with fully dynamic controls to adapt the spectral behaviour in real-time. We’re incredibly excited to offer a world-first demonstration of TrueLight at NAB, and look forward to seeing how the industry adopts this technology to achieve ever more realistic in-camera visual effects.”

Chris Deighton, CTO, Brompton

Source: Televisual