Vevo uses AI to get viewers in the mood for ads

Moods is a new ad-focused AI tool from Vevo that has been created to group videos based on the emotions they represent. The aim is to help ad recall and brand favourability by creating more memorable overall experiences for viewers. Co-developer, music data company Musixmatch, score and label videos based on their energy and tone, then a proprietary model built by Musixmatch assigns a mood to each Vevo video’s metadata tag for contextual targeting. So far, the libraries are based on fun, heartfelt, impassioned or empowering moods, which will be joined by others later.

“With Moods, we can not only curate Vevo programming to better match a person’s mood, but we can also directly ensure advertisers that their campaigns are more meaningful and impactful in the same way that we guarantee a high-quality, brand-safe environment.

Therefore, it’s the logical step that we have synergy between the ad creative and the mood it evokes with the music video it surrounds.”

Kevin McGurn, President of Sales & Distribution, Vevo

Source: Broadcast