South Korea’s Studio Meta-K teases single by new synthetic performer iaaa (video)

South Korean content start-up Studio Meta-K has created a synthetic 168cm (5 foot 8 inch) tall, 21 year-old performer it calls iaaa (answers on a postcard as to how you pronounce that, please?), who is a member of its virtual artist group Season and whose debut single ‘Our Season’ “will portray the innocence of first love, along with the nostalgic memories of spring between two people”. Here’s a teaser.

iaaa made her television debut in February as a special host on TV in South Korea on JTBC’s music programme RE-ALIVE and also made an appearance as SXSW in Austin in March.

The digital human performer trend is picking up pace in South Korea. Reah Keem, a virtual musician developed by LG, made her debut in January 2022, while the video for ‘Pandora Box; by virtual K-pop singer MAVE has had more than 28 million views on YouTube.

Source: Ajupress