New Midjourney feature Describe gives users more control over results

A new Midjourney feature called Describe aims to take the guesswork out of generative AI art. It works like any other Midjourney command, but instead of using /imagine, you use /describe. After entering the command, a drop / drag box appears, allowing you to upload a picture you want to use as the basis for a creation. It was launched last week with a tweet,

Today we’re releasing a /describe command that lets you transform images-into-words. Give it a shot! We think this tool will transform your liguistic-visual process both in terms of creative power and discovery.

John Whiteside Parsons

Tech site Decrypt uploaded a famous picture of CalTech jet propulsion scientist John Whiteside Parsons, who was a follower of British occultist Aleister Crowley.

From the four options they were offered they than chose the prompt “an old photograph of a man holding a wire, in the style of gritty Hollywood glamour, synthetist innovator –ar 16:9”.

Midjourney then produced four images based on that prompt.

They chose this one and from there they were able to make alterations to the image to suit their particular requirements.

And produced a result that they felt represented a good balance of science, occultism and period drama.

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