LTX Studio can generate an entire production from a single prompt

LTX Studio from Lightricks, the team behind the Facetune and Photoleap apps, is yet another new video platform that uses generative AI, in this case to create an entire production from a single prompt. During a recent demo, Ryan Morrison of Tom’s Guide writes that he saw a full production appear in seconds with clips, sounds and characters.

He reveals that this is achieved within a single interface by combining multiple generative AI tools and models into a single system to create multi-shot videos assembled from several 3-4 second shots. From there, any component can be customised.

The fact it got from a basic idea to a full storyboard with generated content in seconds was astounding. 

Ryan Morrison

During the demo, Lightricks CEO Zeev Farbman added a prompt for the basic idea for a music video and within seconds they had dozens of shots and a handful of scenes, complete with customisable characters. From there, the style for any one shot or the entire production could be changed within the interface.

Ryan was left feeling that this is an ideal tool for rapid storyboarding of ideas for pitch meetings.

LTX Studio is still in development. The team is currently working on controlling camera angles and motion within a shot. This will effectively convert the still image into a 3D scene that you can move through.

The waiting list is already open for Beta testers. The first public access is expected during March.

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