Hey Macarena: Broadcast TECH’s MoveAI demo (video)

A team from Broadcast TECH, including Editorial Director Jake Bickerton, visited MoveAI’s offices in London’s West End to get a demo of the company’s most accessible system to date. This non-real-time application uses four iPhones – here mounted on tripods – to get a full performance capture.

Once the performance data is captured and processed, remotely, in the cloud, which in this case only took a few short minutes, it can then be re-targeted to an avatar for use in a wide range of virtual, immersive applications.

This is data capture, not video, and so resolution independent, meaning it can be used in anything from video games right up to film quality, in a range of 3D packages such as Bkender and Maya and within game engine environments such as Unreal Engine and Unity.

if you would like to know more about how to use performance capture technology in your creative environment and get into the world of real-time, immersive and virtual media, for entertainment,, ‘infotainment’. training, education, corporate communications or whatever application you have in mind, get in touch and we’d be happy to offer advice, guidance and support. Contact Colin Birch or John Rowe or simply email us at

Incidentally, John and I are at IBC in Amsterdam this weekend if you would like to meet up there for a chat?

Source: Broadcast TECH