Haiper secures more funding to get real with generative video

To become more roundly understood, accepted and, above all, trusted, generative video will need to scale models and the data behind them to better understand the physics of the world. Some might find the prospect scary, but what we’re talking about is “a form of artificial general intelligence (AGI); AI capable of internalising and reflecting human-like comprehension of the world” (Business Cloud).

New generative video platform company Haiper, which was founded in late 2021 by machine learning PhDs and former Deepmind researchers Yishu Miao (CEO) and Ziyu Wang (CTO), has developed an all-in-one visual foundation model that they say can intuitively understand and replicate the emotional and physical elements of reality to produce visually pleasing, true to life content. Each frame carries an array of minute visual information, including light, motion, texture, and interactions between objects. They intend to release a series of large trained models over the coming months.

“Our end goal is to build an AGI (artificial general intelligence) with full perceptual abilities, which has boundless potential to assist with creativity.

Our visual foundation model will be a leap forward in AI’s ability to deeply understand the physics of the world and replicate the essence of reality in the videos it generates.

Such advancements lay the groundwork for AI that can understand, embrace, and enhance human storytelling.

As the barrier between ideation and implementation lowers, Haiper’s powerful foundation model will give many in the industry the opportunity to develop stunning content and visualise their ideas in ways that were previously impossible.

Our time in stealth was spent building up crucial distributed data processing and model training infrastructure, which we’re excited to use this funding to scale.”

Yishu Miao

The company has been working with academic labs the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and the Fashion Innovation Agency at the London College of Fashion.

Haiper has recently emerged from ‘stealth mode’ to announce that it has secured £10.8m ($13.8m) in funding from Octopus Ventures bringing its total funding to £15.1m ($19.2m) ahead of raising a Series A round in 2024.

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