Generative AI, The Chamber of Progress and the “transformative” ‘fair-use’ argument

In the USA and operating as the Chamber of Progress, a group of tech firms that includes Amazon, Apple and Meta is launching campaign it calls ‘Generate and Create’. Its purpose is to defend the legality of using copyrighted works to train artificial intelligence systems, highlight “how artists use generative AI to enhance their creative output” , “showcase how AI lowers barriers for producing art” and “defend the longstanding legal principle of fair use under copyright law”.

Without legislation in place, disputes around fair use and “transformative” processes are resolved in court.

“The principle of fair use is well established over decades of copyright law. All art has responded to what’s come before.

Fair use has always protected creative inspiration.

To the extent that human artists have always built art based on what came before, that’s what gen AI services are doing too”

Adam Kovacevich, CEO, Chamber of Progress (pictured above)

As you will see in Winston Cho’s original article in The Hollywood Reporter, this has stirred up something of a legal storm in America.