Fast food commercials get the generative AI treatment

Following on from yesterday’s ‘Synthetic Summer’ spoof, AI-generated TV commercial, others are following a similar path to see how far the current technology can be stretched.

‘Pepperoni Hugspot’ was made entirely using the following generative tools:

  • script – GPT4
  • images – Midjourney
  • video clips – Runway Gen2
  • voiceover – Eleven Labs
  • music – SOUNDRAW AI Music

Adobe After Effects was used to edit and generate the graphics.

Inspired by ‘Pepperoni Hugspot’, YouTube channel AI Lost Media takes up the baton, “Recently declassified television ad from the Department of Lost Media for “Pizza Nuggets”. Along with the ad, various forms and docs filed to never attempt mixture of Chicken Nuggets and Pizza again, as the chemical properties lead to quickly disintegrating half life that causes mutations in all physical things.”

Like ‘Burger Blast’ shown below, this spot was created entirely with Runway Gen-2. The music, “Exploring all Possibilities”, is by Marc Torch, with vocals from the video’s creator. Chat GPT “wrote most of the vocals with slight changes here and there”.

The music for ‘Burger Blast’, “Time to Level Up”, is by Josef Bel Habib.

For advice, guidance and support on how to go about safely using generative AI tools and other forms of AI and machine learning for content creation, feel free get in touch via the Mondatum Contact Us page.