AI-powered content creation tools from RunwayML to play with

Just the thing to keep you occupied over the Christmas period when Lego and board games cease to cut the mustard

Brooklyn-based tech startup RunwayML is building a library of AI-powered ‘smart’ productivity-enhancing tools for designers, artists and other content creators. As an example of the tools available, Runway’s green screen and generative media web apps cut objects out of videos and synthesise unique images and videos that can be used in both new and existing projects.

Development tools allow users to create, upload, and share custom machine learning models from any web browser. Using the platform’s model training and hosted models modules, developers can train AI models and access them via an API to incorporate them into third-party apps.

“Deep learning techniques are bringing a new paradigm to content creation with synthetic media and automation. With Runway, we’re building the backbone of that creative revolution — allowing creators to do things that were impossible until very recently.”

Cristóbal Valenzuela, CEO, Runway

Users of the system at some big brand names have between them trained more than 50,000 AI models and uploaded over 24 million assets to the platform.

Source: Venturebeat