AI-generated art, for better and for worse?

This AI-powered experiment by synth hardware brand Teenage Engineering and design studios Modern and Bureau Cool creates kaleidoscopic visual landscapes for composed music.

The work, which uses Teenage Engineering’s OP-Z sequencer and translates the musical output into art in real-time, is inspired by the neurological condition synesthesia, where the brain perceives sensory input for several senses instead of one – seeing music as well as hearing it or tasting colour. Modem and Bureau Cool’s “digital extension” translates musical properties into text prompts describing colours, shapes and movements. Those prompts then feed into Stable Diffusion to produce dreamy and synesthetic animations.

Elsewhere, an anime convention in Los Angeles has described AI art as “counterfeit merchandise” and banned it from the premises. Animé Los Angeles, which is being held at the Long Beach Convention Center in January 2023, has issued a statement:

AI-generated art that has been created within some very strict parameters might be permitted, but the definition is pretty narrow and the message from this LA event is clear – thanks, but no thanks.