AI editing: an experiment by Tim Wuolle

It’s undoubtedly going to be a controversial view, but virtual production, immersive and emerging technology specialist Tim Wuolle has asserted in a Linkedin post that, in the near future, during the post production of visual content, AI is going to start to play an important role the editing process, particularly for the creation of montages. He says, “it’s another disruptive tech that is a productivity win that will help teams do more with less. Instead of resisting this tech you should embrace it and find ways to sprinkle it into your workflow”.

Below is an example of his experimentation. It was filmed using a 360-degree Insta360 X3 action camera and edited on an iPhone with the Insta360 app.

Tim’s process:

  1. He started by shooting several clips with the camera mounted on a selfie stick held above his head while walking in a straight line for 2-3 minutes per clip
  2. He then uploaded the clips to to the app and selected the FPV templates
  3. Clips were ready to download in about 3 minutes, with music applied

Tim is keen to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions, so get typing.