Ransomware & ransomware DoS: similar but different

Ransomware and RDoS (Ransomware Denial Of Service or Ransomware DoS) have a common objective and some of their tactics overlap, but techniques and success rates vary wildly. Ransomware With ransomware attacks, which use a crypto-locking malware that destroys systems and makes data inaccessible. that malware needs to be deployed on servers inside the organisation, from where they can wreak havoc. Initial Access Brokers often make the initial access, then sell that access to ransomware gangs. Ransomware DoS […]

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As IT teams and businesses brace themselves for more and more sophisticated cyber attacks in 2022, Jonathan Wood, CEO of risk management platform C2 Cyber offers his thoughts on how businesses can best protect themselves in this interview on the Professional Security website. 1 – Ransomware will continue to be the number one cyber threat:  […]

With billions expected to be spent across the long Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend, PlayStation, Nike and Apple, especially for their AirPods range, are the retailers most likely to be targeted for “brand abuse” according to Brandshield. “We anticipate cybercriminal activity targeting online shoppers to intensify further this year, and we have already begun […]

Cyber security experts are issuing warnings about a new JavaScript downloader called RATDispenser that distributes eight different Remote Access Trojans (RATs), keyloggers and information stealers and that cannot be detected by the majority of security tools. RATs and keyloggers are used by hackers to gain backdoor access to infected computers to plunder user accounts and […]


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