James Earl Jones remains the voice of Darth Vader thanks to AI

At the ripe old age of 91, James Earl Jones has decided it’s time to retire and hand the job of voicing Darth Vader to AI technology to head off the possibility that Disney may replace him, as if that were possible. Ukrainian speech synthesis start-up Respeecher has already worked for Disney on the Star […]

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Disney+ subscribers are enjoying a new eight-minute short film with a difference. While watching Remembering, viewers can use an iOS devices to scan a QR code on their TVs and watch additional content on the small screen. It’s a first for the home of the mouse. The film’s star Brie Larson, who is also the […]

Text-to-speech has been around for years, but quality limitations meant they were used primarily by voice assistants and chat bots. Developments in AI and deep learning now make it possible to create synthetic voices that have the prosody and pronunciation of human speech. Traditional voiceover and dubbing markets are predicated to generate a total of […]

Building work has begun on a new £70m+ studio complex in North Belfast. Studio Ulster, a partnership involving Belfast Harbour, Ulster University and NI Screen, with funding from the Belfast Region City Deal, is due to open on a site in the city’s Grant’s Park by 2024, The studios will offer facilities for the creation of film, […]


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