Generative AI, The Chamber of Progress and the “transformative” ‘fair-use’ argument

In the USA and operating as the Chamber of Progress, a group of tech firms that includes Amazon, Apple and Meta is launching campaign it calls ‘Generate and Create’. Its purpose is to defend the legality of using copyrighted works to train artificial intelligence systems, highlight “how artists use generative AI to enhance their creative […]

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During a recent Q&A with investment analysts that also included enquiries about the company’s potential purchase of Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) CEO Tony Vinciquerra (pictured below) revealed that he is fan of AI economics and that the company will use machine learning-based tools, processes and workflows to produce future content. “We are very focused […]

Google’s DeepMind division describes Veo as “our most capable video generation model to date”. It generates high-quality, 1080p resolution videos “that can go beyond a minute, in a wide range of cinematic and visual styles”. “It accurately captures the nuance and tone of a prompt, and provides an unprecedented level of creative control — understanding […]

With Autodesk‘s announcement of its new experimental generative AI model, Research Project Bernini, which generates functional 3D objects from various inputs, including text, 2D images and voxels, some 3D animators feel that a trusted supplier has insulted the industry and trampled all over their loyalty. “Wait you know what your customers do for a living, […]


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