CAMERA, Bristol’s new MoCap research studio

CAMERA, a new motion capture studio backed by the European Regional Development Fund, the UK Government and The University of Bath, has set up at Bristol’s Bottle Yard Studios to focus on research in visual computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, sports, rehabilitation, biomechanics, and creative production. The 660 square foot facility is located in […]

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Following the August announcement of HPE’s latest financial results – net revenues for the three months ending 31 July 2020 improved by 14% to $6.8 Billion – CEO Antonio Neri expanded some more on what they mean and the underlying trends that currently dictate the company’s performance “I spend probably 50% of my time talking […]

This is the last week you can take advantage of the Early Bird discount offer of $49 to attend NVIDIA’s online GTC 2020 event, which takes place between 5 and 9 October, Payment also grants 30-day free access to the GTC @020 content. To register, visit the main GTC 2020 weebpage and to select the […]

Tuesday, 22nd September, 10am BST Tomorrow, 22 September, HPE and NVIDIA are jointly hosting a webinar about the direction of travel for next generation computing. Everyone knows that Moore’s Law is dead, but now it is being well and truly forgotten as next generation accelerators provide exponential performance improvements. HPE and NVIDIA innovation and research […]


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