Deep Nostalgia animates still portraits using AI

A new AI-driven service called Deep Nostalgia from online genealogy company MyHeritage and using technology licensed from Israeli firm D-ID can animates portrait photos to create passable but fairly creepy fake video clips. It uses pre-recorded driver videos of facial movements and applies the one that best suits the image being manipulated. Users upload a […]

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Moods is a new ad-focused AI tool from Vevo that has been created to group videos based on the emotions they represent. The aim is to help ad recall and brand favourability by creating more memorable overall experiences for viewers. Co-developer, music data company Musixmatch, score and label videos based on their energy and tone, […]

The UK’s Department for International Trade and Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport are together backing a new initiative aimed at creating national standards for job training in the fast-developing creative and technical field of virtual production. With government support, former DNEG joint MD Alex Hope will lead a steering committee to drive uptake […]

As demand grows for AI solutions that process images from cameras and other photo sensors, more efficient systems are needed. Like NVIDIA and others before it and drawing on its mobile technology developments, chip maker Qualcomm has unveiled an R&D project that reduces the compute power needed to handle visual AI, in turn reducing the […]


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