Changing Times: How the World’s TOP500 Supercomputers Don’t Just Have to Be Fast, But Smart

Nearly 70 percent of the world’s fastest supercomputers use NVIDIA technology, and they’re increasingly using AI to help researchers make discoveries faster. The world’s fastest supercomputers aren’t just faster than ever. They’re smarter and support a greater variety of workloads, too. Nearly 70 percent of the machines, including eight of the top 10, on the […]

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Creating convincing human faces is one of the toughest tasks faced by 3D animators. At the recent (online) International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV 2020), Disney Research told attendees about the advances it has made on a Machine Learning-based tool that streamlines the process while taking into account all the subtleties of our facial expressions. […]

If you up against it and need to fill a scene or create a more socially diverse group, you can now buy fake people from Generated Photos, whose customers include the BBC and Vice Media, for as little as $2.99. will let you have a couple of them for free. By shifting a few […]

In a particularly busy week at Epic Games, the company has invested in SideFX, makers of VFX simulation software Houdini, and acquired Hyprsense whose real-time facial motion capture software will be used to progress Epic’s move into creating digital characters. Meanwhile, over at Digital Domain, the company’s own digital human, Douglas, is busy getting his […]


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