The 2023 Best Picture Oscar nominee productions in numbers, plus the cameras and lenses used

Below are the results of research carried out by Lisa McNamara of into the budgets, crew size and duration of both principal photography and post-production for each of the Best Picture nominees at the 2023 Academy Awards. Below that, we show the cameras and lenses used on the films nominated for Beat Picture and Best […]

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In an article for Virtual Producer, as well as providing an introduction to generative AI and the possibilities it provides to content creators, Noah Kadner highlights a number of tools that are going to set the world of filmmaking alight. Here are some that you might not yet be familiar with. Cuebric by Seyhan Lee […]

Following an Epic Games event at the recent Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco that included a slew of announcements: animation tools for virtual humans a merging of its digital asset stores into one huge marketplace a new Fortnite creator economy, an Unreal Engine-powered creation tool for Fortnite The Verge’s Andrew Webster spoke to CEO Tim […]

International art gallery network Gagosian, which has a number of spaces in New York City, three London; two in Paris; and one each in Basel, Beverly Hills, Rome, Athens, Geneva and Hong Kong, has opened an exhibition of untitled works by DALL-E. The exhibition is produced by Oscar-nominated film director Bennett Miller (Foxcatcher, Capote) who has […]


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