An introduction to APIs

If technical colleagues mention APIs in meetings and you don’t know what they’re referring to or you just need a refresher on the detail, here’s a helpful recently-published introduction by Tam Nguyen on The Conversation. Tam, who is an Associate Professor at the University of Dayton describes APIs (application programming interfaces) as “the gateways to […]

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One of the more interesting panel sessions on offer at IBC in Amsterdam last weekend took place on the ETC stage on the Z by HP stand in Hall 7. The session covered “how the shape of the VP industry is changing, and how the development of smaller Virtual Production Studios are opening the technology […]

Warner Bros. Discovery has announced that it is investing £400 million in an expansion of its Leavesden Studios complex in Hertfordshire that will include 400,000 square feet of new production and support space. Work is expected to begin in Q2 2024. When completed in 2027, the studios will have 29 stages and 1.78 million square […]


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