Google DeepMind’s Veo enters the generative video fray

Google’s DeepMind division describes Veo as “our most capable video generation model to date”. It generates high-quality, 1080p resolution videos “that can go beyond a minute, in a wide range of cinematic and visual styles”. “It accurately captures the nuance and tone of a prompt, and provides an unprecedented level of creative control — understanding […]

With Autodesk‘s announcement of its new experimental generative AI model, Research Project Bernini, which generates functional 3D objects from various inputs, including text, 2D images and voxels, some 3D animators feel that a trusted supplier has insulted the industry and trampled all over their loyalty. “Wait you know what your customers do for a living, […]

At the Zhongguancun Forum in Beijing last weekend, Chinese startup Shengshu Technology and Tsinghua University unveiled Vidu, a new text-to-video model to compete with OpenAI’s Sora that generates “realistic” 1080p clips up to 16 seconds in length (compared to Sora’s 60 seconds) “with dynamic camera movements, detailed facial expressions, and natural lighting and shadows”.. The […]

At around 11:18:30 on this video of a UK government Department for Culture, Media and Sport select committee meeting we are told that “four of the biggest film and high-end television companies in the world have made their long-term homes in the UK” and “we are the second largest production hub outside Hollywood“, and the […]

There’s no escaping it, generative AI is getting right under everybody’s skin at the moment. Its widespread use in advertising is leading some brands to issue demands and warnings hither and thither in a bid to contain it and stop it, as they see it, from threatening their businesses. Following on from discussions and advice […]