Is the UK going to soon enjoy a film and TV studio boom?

At around 11:18:30 on this video of a UK government Department for Culture, Media and Sport select committee meeting we are told that “four of the biggest film and high-end television companies in the world have made their long-term homes in the UK” and “we are the second largest production hub outside Hollywood“, and the […]

There’s no escaping it, generative AI is getting right under everybody’s skin at the moment. Its widespread use in advertising is leading some brands to issue demands and warnings hither and thither in a bid to contain it and stop it, as they see it, from threatening their businesses. Following on from discussions and advice […]

Some of machine learning’s main issues are around time and cost and the amount of training material required to train models that are useful and produce accurate, pleasing results. Why is it so difficult? AI tools are ‘learning’ not to be caught out by people asking them nonsensical questions and have started to give as […]

The “first Ai-powered sports commercial”, a moody monochrome Under Armour spot starring British boxer Anthony Joshua, has stirred up controversy for its (initially) uncredited use of sections of previous UA ads as raw material. Director Wes Walker defends the ad, ‘Forever is made now’, saying they made the decision due to commercial and time pressures. […]

Using generative AI to compare the carbon impacts of location shooting and on-set virtual production For those of you who are interested in how shooting on an LED stage saves the planet compared to going out on location, Morden Wolf’s Rob Chandler, pictured below, was a panelist at an event in Lille last week called […]