The Age of A.I. Ep. 2 – Healed through A.I.

The Age of A.I. is an 8 part YouTube Originals documentary series hosted by Robert Downey Jr. covering the ways Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks will change the world. The human body is not infallible, but through the wonders of A.I. research scientists are finding ways to address those imperfections. A.I. has the […]

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In the not-too-distant future, the vehicles we use will be essentially sensor-laden computers on wheels designed primarily for insurance-friendly autonomous driving. Depending on the brand, RADAR, LIDAR and Ultrasound will be supported by cameras to gain the understanding of the vehicle’s surroundings that is at the core of its safety systems. The data gathered will […]

Netflix’s The Old Guard, a tale of immortal soldiers travelling through time to solve injustices, has already been watched by 72 million households in barely a month and looks likely to become a franchise hit. But that’s not the only success story worth mentioning. It is also notable for having a strong female presence behind the […]

Liverpool’s £54 million Littlewoods Film Studios complex has received a £17 million funding commitment from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority’s Strategic Investment Fund. Some of thee money will be used to erect temporary buildings on adjacent land which can be used while the complex is built, These pop-up spaces should become available to use […]

Oma Cinema is hoping to shake up the filmgoing world by replacing the familiar stalls and circle auditorium configuration with a decidedly space-age room featuring vertically arranged pods each with 15 seats. The design’s elevated platforms will not only ensure excellent sound and picture for all audience members, it will also allow for a more […]

NVIDIA’s Ampere A100 GPU has been named the fast graphics processor in the world after returning some impressive results in OctaneRender’s OctaneBench tests. The A100 posted an Octanebench score of 446 (standard Linux OB4 benchmark, RTX off, recompiled for CUDA11, ref. 980=102 OB), which is roughly 43% faster than #Turing, even with/ #RTX off! To […]

Congratulations are in order to the 2020 Prime Time Emmy Awards: nominees for Outstanding Special Visual Effects: Lost In Space (Netflix) The Mandalorian (Lucasfilm) Stranger Things (Netflix) Watchmen (HBO) Westworld (HBO) Click here for a full list of all this year’s Emmy nominations. We wish those who worked on all the nominated shows in all categories […]


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