‘A little more pzazz’: a behind-the-scenes look at how TV graphics pioneers Quantel prepared for NAB 1979 (video)

One for the teenagers and anybody interested in how and where television graphics as we know it today began In the mid to late 1970s, three companies were fighting for dominance in the market to sell ever more sophisticated graphics generation and manipulation systems to broadcasters around the world. The US was a big focus […]

OpenAI describes its new tool as “an AI model that can generate realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions” We’re teaching AI to understand and simulate the physical world in motion, with the goal of training models that help people solve problems that require real-world interaction. Introducing Sora, our text-to-video model. Sora can generate videos […]

With the launch of the Vision Pro ($3,499 in the US, no UK pricing yet),, with its gestural control, “superior eye tracking” and “infinite desktop“, early on, Apple appears to be targeting the business community more than consumers. The hope and expectation is that the device and platform, with an ecosystem of apps, will be […]

American Cinematographer’s Noah Kadner looks at some of image capture highlights from this year’s big game CBS deployed 165 Sony broadcast cameras in total, including many capable of 4K zoom and 48 featuring 4K super slo-mo. Smaller FX-series models, like the FX6 and FX9 were used for “more intimate, cinematic shots at field level”.  There […]

Multi-player gaming platform Roblox has announced a new real-time AI chat translator that will allow its 70 million daily active users to effortlessly communicate in up to 16 different languages. The feature will be available in any Roblox experience.that has enabled the in-experience text chat service. “Thanks to our new real-time AI chat translations, we’ve made possible […]