NVIDIA’s Cambridge-1 supercomputer is heading to Harlow

The Times has recently reported that, hot on the heels of the announcement of a new Centre of Excellence in Cambridge, NVIDIA has revealed that it is to site its powerful new AI-focused supercomputer at the KAO Data Centre in Harlow, Essex. Cambridge-1, as it is known, which will spend a lot of its time […]

OpenAI’s latest piece of mind-boggling deep learning wizardry, DALL-E (Dali meets WALL-E, geddit?), is able to create illustrations, photos, renders or any other visual you care to mention just from a description that you provide. For more detail about DALL-E, try this very readable description from Dale Markowitz on The Next Web. GPT-3, for those […]

With everything that’s going on pandemic-wise and as we all try to shrug our way back into ‘work mode’ here’s a bit of techie light relief. In the video above from 1980, Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) co-designer Peter Vogel demonstrates the Mother of all digital audio workstations on ABC-TV Australia’s ‘This Week’, while composer […]

Cambridge Network is a membership organisation that brings together people from the city’s business and academic communities to share ideas, encourage collaboration, network and develop partnerships. Following NVIDIA’s recent acquisition of Cambridge-based Arm and its announcement that it is building a global Centre Of Excellence in the city, Cambridge Network is hosting an online event […]

Machine learning research is an expensive and energy-hungry business. Training a machine learning model can generate carbon emissions equivalent to building and driving five cars over their lifetimes. But why? Artificial neural networks learn by adjusting weights of parameters and connections until an output matches an answer; for example, an algorithm can play a game […]

In “a significant step forward in the pursuit of general-purpose algorithms” that “are able to deal with the messiness and complexity of the real world”, Google DeepMind‘s new reinforcement learning algorithm, MuZero, which like its predecessor AlphaGo uses lookahead search, can achieve superhuman levels of prowess at Go, chess and video games without any prior […]


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